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Find your software products' keys in an easy and fast manner with this program
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A common scenario is when you reset your computer and need to reinstall one or more programs, but you forgot their product key. This can lead you to carryout time-consuming searches, or in extreme cases, to repurchase the program's license.

Product Key Explorer is a program that lets you find the product keys of the programs installed in your system. It works fast and it is easy to operate. You only need to select the hard drive(s) you want to explore, and press the Find Product Keys button. The program will carry out a comprehensive search and will show the programs whose product keys it can recover, as well as the product IDs and product keys themselves. Then, you can save the results to a file, export them to your OS registry, print the product keys list, or copy a selected key. All these features are disabled in the shareware version.

Also, the shareware version of the program only lets you recover a few product IDs, but no product keys. Also, a "nag screen" appears when you exit the program, urging you to purchase the corresponding license. If you want to get rid of these limitations, then you need to purchase a license.

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